Automotive Equipment Rentals

When you go under the hood of a car, truck or trailer, you need the right equipment to diagnose and maintain your automobile fleet. At Sunbelt Rentals, we have the wide range of industrial-grade equipment and resources your mechanic team needs for quick tune-ups, upgrades and major repairs. Choose from many of the latest equipment models, and keep your job on track.

From fleet maintenance to manufacturing

Whether it’s repairing your car or manufacturing an entire line, here’s no substitute for the right tool for the job. Every job requires specialized tools to troubleshoot and fix the issue — no matter the size. We stock everything you need for any repair, from replacing hubcaps to completing engine swaps to full-on production. Our equipment specialists know the ins and outs of our catalog and advise you on the best product and how to use it, so you’re taken care of every step of the way.

Rent Tools and Equipment on the Go

Easily find and rent the tools and equipment you need for any project. Plus, save time with delivery, invoice management, and so much more with the new Sunbelt Rentals App.

An array of smartphone screens showing the Sunbelt Rentals app in front of an image of a Sunbelt Rentals retail location.
Why work with us?
Maintaining a safe, clean environment

Our sweepers, scrubbers and pressure washers keep your garages and facilities clean and safe for both workers and customers by eliminating litter, spilled liquids and grime.


Reliable performance

Each of our locations is staffed with knowledgeable mechanics who inspect and ensure every automotive equipment rental is 100% reliable, providing you with solutions and services you expect.


Delivery and pickup

We deliver and pick up equipment rentals at your convenience, giving you more time for what matters. Regardless of your project, we have what you need with 1,000+ locations, including urgent requests.


The rental advantage

Renting is an easily overlooked cost-savings option, eliminating equipment purchases that are often underutilized. What if, with one click, you only paid for the equipment you needed when you needed it?